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Maison des Soeurs

In 2020 our dream became reality. Opening a beauty bar, containing a curls specialist, fashion and beauty. For years we, Donnatella Jansen and Zaquilla Jansen, worked separately from each other in our own specialties. Donnatella specialised in fashion and jewellery, and Zaquilla specialised in hair. After finding the perfect location for a shop, it was time to merge our businesses. So then DCL Fashion and Queeny Hair became Maison des Soeurs together.

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From a young age I’ve had a passion for hair. As a kid I soon started dyeing my barbies hair and whenever I could I cut the hair of the people around me to practice. As soon as possible I started a hair academy and gained a lot of experience during this time. After this adventure I started focussing more on curly hair. In this specialty I started my own company, named Queeny Hair. I focus mainly on how this type of hair can be treated best and how you can keep it healthy and shiny. After years of working for myself, my sister and I merged our companies, in which hair, beauty and fashion all come together.



Very quickly I knew that I wanted to express my creativity in making clothes and fashion. After going to fashion school, I was found daily behind my sewing machine. In my speciality I worked in a variety of places. From theatre, to television, to personal styling-assignments. During these different jobs I felt it was time to start my own company, DCL Fashion. Here I could express my creativity even better. Making and selling clothing and jewellery felt light the right step to take. Making others feel beautiful is my goal. And that includes the industry of beauty. After specialising in beauty as well as fashion, the time was there to open a beauty salon together with my sister. 

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